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 NOTICE: Pembina Valley Water Coop (our water supplier) raised their rate effective January 1, 2024 by $1.17/1000 gallons, which brings our rate to $17.11/1000 gallons for quarter 1 2024.

How It All Began!

In 1986, Abram J. Froese, a councillor of the R.M. of Rhineland, spearheaded a movement to develop an underground water distribution system for the rural residents immediately north of the town of Altona Manitoba.

A strong interest in this type of rural water distribution system became apparent during an R.M. of Rhineland municipal meeting. Subsequently, a survey of the area established that 56 area residents were definitely interested in hooking up to this type of water distribution system, and a further 19 residents indicated they were potentially interested in joining.

Thus, a permanent Board of Directors was established to develop the Altona Rural Water Services Co-op Ltd. (ARWS). Nominated to be the first board members of the ARWS were Peter Rempel, Dick Martens, Glenn Friesen, Harry Hildebrand, Ed Funk, Art Froese, and John Sawatzky. The Manitoba Water Services Board and PFRA were approached by the board to help fund this project.

Growth Of The ARWS:

In the autumn of 1986, a group representing the area residents west of Altona were accepted into the ARWS. This Brought membership up to 77 hookups. Soon after, a 40,000 gallon reservoir was built in North Altona. In 1987, the Altbergthal area was included in our co-op. In 1988 New Hope area residents requested water service to their area and this was extended to the Thames area also. In 1991, a request came to extend the system to include Horndean and Plum Coulee regions. A 6" line was installed from Altona to Rosenfeld, and then to Horndean and Plum Coulee. Rosenfeld, thus, also joined the ARWS. In order to accommodate Horndean and Plum Coulee, another reservoir was construced in Horndean. This would help boost water pressure for that area.

Since these major periods of expansion, the ARWS has continued to add individual hookups where requested. As of December 2009, the ARWS provides potable water for 377 households, servicing approximately 1500 people.


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